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Community Participation Supports

Community Participation Supports Program (CPS) strives to assist adults with developmental disabilities towards independence and inclusion in the community by encouraging individuals to function at their maximum potential. CPS Program accomplishes this by offering a wide range of options:

  • Community Access Supports
  • Employment Preparation Supports
  • Employment Placement and Supports
  • Community Services
  • Pot-O-Gold
  • Extreme Clean and Green
  • Outreach

Community Access Supports program promotes the development of physical, social, cognitive, communication, and motor skills of each individual. The program accomplishes this through participation in a variety of stimulating activities in-house and in the community.

Employment Placement Supports, the focus of this program is to explore, achieve and maintain employment.

Employment Preparation Supports, the focus of this program is on functional work skills and social skills while assisting individuals to maximize their potential in the work environment, such as janitorial, yard maintenance, retail, catering and volunteering.


Pot-O-Gold provides individuals with the opportunity to prepare themselves for employment in a retail setting. Pot-O-Gold offers the community good quality used items at affordable prices.

Extreme Clean and Green Team: this business was developed to answer to a community need that also meets the interest and abilities of the individual involved.  Services offered by EXTREME CLEAN AND GREEN TEAM are:

Snow Removal; Lawn Maintenance; Yard Clean-Up, and Garden and Flower Bed Care.

Community Living Supports

Community Living Supports program (CLS) assists adults with developmental disabilities to have a quality home life. The CLS Program accomplishes this by offering a wide range of programs and services including:

  • Individual Living Supports (ILS)
  • Group Living Supports

VALID's homes provide a comfortable living arrangement that has been chosen by the individuals we support on the basis of shared need, common interests, and friendship. Programs are developed on the basis of individual strength and preferences. Goals are established for each individual and implemented with the aid of a Individual Service Plan. Each individual is an active participant in the development and evaluation of the program and support provided to realize their distinct and unique vision.

The Outreach Supports Program provides assessment, training, and support to individuals living in their own home in the community. Specific training focuses on the achievement of goals established through assessments, and Individual Service Plans (ISP's), thus promoting and supporting further growth and development. As well this program offers elements of recreation and leisure.

Group Living Supports

East Residence East Residence provides a normalized environment where the individuals can learn daily living skills and interpersonal skills while enjoying the components of a home fostering independence. The individuals are supported to participate in a number of activities to become full members of their community.

West Residence is a duplex with two separate living arrangements. This residence provides a home-like setting with life skill training and support ensuring a safe and comfortable environment. The program encourages appropriate social interaction and communication with individuals who share needs, common interests, and friendships. The individuals are encouraged to become involved in recreational activities and community events, as well as strive to improve interpersonal skills and maintain their current level of activities for daily living.

North Residence provides a home-like atmosphere focusing on providing a safe environment emphasizing or maintaining current skill level. The individuals living at this home are very involved in recreational and leisure activities. They also attend numerous community events and in doing so, develop skills required for community inclusion.

51st Street Residence offers a program in a home-like atmosphere to individuals with physical and developmental disabilities. The home is designed to ensure wheelchair accessibility. It is also equipped with several modifications to ensure individuals can function in a setting that fosters independence. The program provides a small group living environment. All of the individuals' physical, emotional, social and recreational needs are monitored by a caring and understanding team. All activities are suited to the individuals' age, skills, abilities, interests and physical endurance.

4-Plex provides a home-like environment to 6 individuals with 4 suites. The suites are able to share supports amongst the people living there. All of the individuals living there are encouraged to be an active member of the community and participate in activities that contribute to maintaining their home environment.

Acquired Brain Injury Services - these services are contracted through St. Paul Abilities Network. This service assists survivors of a brain injury to have a quality of life that is in keeping with their lifestyle and abilities.


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