Why work with VALID

We provide services 24/7/365 and have a variety of flexible shifts including days, evenings, weekends, sleep shifts, 12, 24 and 48 hour shift agreements.  This means you could potentially complete a 40 hour work week in just 2 days, requiring minimal travel, and still have time for family and friends or that second job.

Having flexibility to work a variety of shifts and hours can enhance your autonomy and promote a greater work-life balance. The benefits of flexible work for VALID goes beyond happier employees as it is proven that employers that allow their staff the freedom to work a flexible schedule can also find themselves a more desirable company that people want to work for.  We offer competitive wages based on experience and education.

Vegreville is a great little community in which to live, work and play.  Located only 45 minutes from Sherwood Park and Edmonton, Vegreville has a lot to offer.  Whether raising a family, enjoying your later years, or simply commuting from the city to work in our quaint, small town, working with VALID offers a great opportunity for both professional and personal growth.

Positions Available

Community Disability Support Worker 1 (CDSW1)

Assist, support and encourage individuals to achieve their personal goals through the development of basic living and related skills. Assist and encourage individuals to participate effectively in employment, volunteer, recreational and other social settings. Learn more.

Community Disability Support Worker 2 (CDSW2)

CDSW2 workers work with more complex individuals who require more one-on-one and are less likely to be working/living in a group setting. Staff are required to have a related professional designation to work within our Complex Needs Program. Learn more.

Security Worker

Our security team is there to protect the health and safety of our staff in the event the individual starts to escalate into risky behaviours which may put staff at risk. A background in security is preferred but not required. Security staff work with little supervision and must demonstrate flexibility and creativity, positivity and be a good communicator. Learn more.