VALID Goals 2022 - 2025

Goals 2022 – 2025

Goal 1: VALID enhances program diversification to provide options for our individuals to explore

Goal 2: VALID ensures community awareness and support by communicating our mission, vision and mandates to the community at large

Goal 3: VALID/Pot O’ Gold expands the employment program to increase job opportunities, public awareness and revenue (finances)

Goal 4: VALID focuses on recruiting and retaining qualified, career-minded staff to provide quality supports to our individuals

Goal 5: VALID practices responsible board management and encourages diversification to enhance our community

Goal 6: VALID increases financial stability and explores diversified funding opportunities to ensure the long-term viability of the organization

Conclusion and Recommendation

This Strategic Plan Document forms the basis for VALID Association’s vision and is guided by roles and mandates as established by our Board of Directors. This represents a summary of the work to date to establish strategies and actions that will drive our activities through 2022-2025.

Our Strategic Plan includes a general approach to guide the development and use of qualitative indicators for assessing progress on plan goals, objectives, and strategic initiatives. This is intended to be a starting point from which appropriate strategies can develop and further refine the use of appropriate measurement indicators.

This approach is a focus on measurements and indicators around goals and priorities, and include both quantitative and qualitative indicators. Having multiple indicators for each goal, but as few as possible to enhance focus and qualifiable measurement of success. Considering also the need to minimize the amount of staff time or additional staff to implement the strategies and use existing sources of data and information whenever possible

In order to ensure achievement of strategic goals, we have tried to create a realistic timeline and set timely review goals, based on strategic directions and goals and designed to make continual, measurable progress on objectives during each phase. We will monitor performance throughout the year and adjust as needed to achieve the desired results.

This strategic plan expresses VALID Association’s continued commitment to provide the best possible growth and learning opportunities for all PDD individuals throughout our region.