VALID History

In 1959, Dr. Ross Cairns, along with several other parents in the community, realized the need for a special school for handicapped children. The group started a school using the Beaver Bennet Scout Hut for the classroom, with Dorothy Cairns as their teacher. The organization, the Vegreville Association for the Mentally Retarded (VAMR), was formed. Word spread quickly and handicapped children from surrounding communities soon filled the small classroom. It wasn’t long before space became a problem; thus, Dr. Cairns School was built and opened in 1963.

Fast forward to 2022 where VALID (Vegreville Association for Living in Dignity) operates 5 residential 24-hour care homes, Employment Preparation and Placement through our Pot O’ Gold Thrift Store, Supported Independent Living, Respite, and a very progressive Community Access Program, which operates out of our lively Administration building. Throughout the years, VALID has expanded and grown into a very active and lively community service provider for Persons with Developmental Disabilities.

Our Pot o Gold Thrift Store is our pride and joy when it comes to providing training and hands-on employment skill building for our individuals. At any given time, you can find our people working tirelessly on making our little gem into the shining diamond it is today. Staff provide supports for the individuals working there, but it is only through our individuals we support that we are able to operate such a thriving venture. Pot O’ Gold loves our volunteers!!

We also LOVE visitors, so please don’t hesitate to stop by and say HI!! We LOVE that! It’s the community of Vegreville that helps make Pot o Gold into the amazing store it is! We try to give back by providing Pot o Gold vouchers to those agencies serving the less fortunate in Vegreville. They distribute them as required to those in need. It’s one way we can give back to this amazing community who supports us so greatly. Ask us for more details on this popular program.

Did you know that VALID employs over 60+ persons in the Town of Vegreville? From providing front line services to working with our individuals for their employment goals, our staff are always busy integrating our individuals into the community. VALID is considered one of the largest employers in Vegreville and we have a solid reputation for providing strong staffing supports, ongoing training opportunities, and innovative staff recruitment and retention strategies.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? VALID LOVES VOLUNTEERS!! Our recently-expanded facilities allow us to host a plethora of community-driven activities. From jam sessions to dance lessons, drama productions to block parties, VALID will always be here to be part of this amazing community. We couldn’t do it without committed volunteers who drive so many of these fun and exciting events! Drop us a note and we would be happy to meet with you to discuss the many volunteer opportunities available here at VALID!

VALID loves our community and we are so proud to have been part of this amazing town for the past 63 years! Time flies when you’ve having fun, and the fun is non-stop around here!! Join us!!