VALID Services

Residential Living

VALID offers overnight, 24/7/365 supports for 5 residential programs in Vegreville. These programs empower our individuals to live inclusive and productive lives within their community. Each individual receives supports specifically designed to meet their unique needs.

Our staff help develop skills, support independence and promote community inclusion in all aspects of their lives. We work with the families, guardians and other support persons to create goals and desired outcomes that helps supports our individuals to achieve their goals.

Community Engagement

VALID provides Community Access Day Program supports designed for those individuals who would most benefit from flexible and meaningful daytime activities, outings and events. Our day program facility offers a comfortable environment for those less likely to want to always be on the move. Some of our individuals simply like to have quiet time, doing puzzles, crafts and peer interactions.

Others are always on the move and are off on day trips like adventure to the beach, a day of shopping and other recreation and leisure pursuits. You are more likely to find these individuals at the park, volunteering for one of our many community agencies, or heading off on some field trip of their choosing. There are always plenty of opportunities to engage with our community through our Community Access Day Program.

Our Community Access Program supports community participations by empowering individuals to develop meaningful lived through goal-based activities. We work on relationship building, accessing resources and promoting health and well-being for all our individuals.

Employment Supports

Meaningful and productive employment is a strong goal for many of the individuals we serve. VALID provides job coaching, skills development, employment preparation and placement and ongoing on-the-job supports in any manner required by the employer.

Through our many social enterprise operations, VALID is able to provide job placement for our individuals. Whether working at our owned and operated Pot O’ Gold Thrift Store, or working in our catering kitchen, or filling vending machines throughout the community, our individuals learn the necessary skills and confidence to work in a multitude of settings.

Many employers throughout Vegreville are happy to work with us to provide employment opportunities to our individuals. We work closely with our community to find the most suitable match with the right employer. We seek workplace diversity and a positive staff morale to help create a positive experience for our individuals. We have many reliable and dependable employees working throughout the community.

Individual Living Supports

ILS matches our individuals with those staff best able to meet their independent needs in a living setting of their choice. This model encourages the greatest independence and supports the development of home-making and home-maintenance skills, including, but not limited to, cooking, cleaning, budgeting, community involvement and volunteerism. We help our individuals in learning about health and wellness, quality of life, community awareness and provide opportunities to build relationships and connect with others.

Respite Care

Respite care works with individuals and their families who need supports and some relief from everyday barriers. We help our individuals to participate in their community and to help minimize isolation and mental health challenges associated with persons with developmental disabilities. We strive to meet the individual’s goals and desired outcomes through person-centred engagement and recreational and leisure activities while allowing for some relief to other family members supporting our individuals.

Fee for Services

VALID offers some Fee for Service Supports whenever we can. Please contact the Executive Director to inquire about Fee for Service Supports.